Miss Safira Anindita  from Indonesia: YES Japan Batch II
firaIt was awesome. Gave me new experience. Wanna coma back to Japan again someday. We learned a lot form this program. This experience will be very important for me in the future. Thank you very much.

Miss Maibell Nemsalu from Estonia: in Gemolong – Indonesia

IMG_9033The greatest gift that Indonesia offered me was the warm and open people that I had the privilege to meet (from my superb host-family and project manager, students and teachers to acquaintances I met anywhere I went). Indonesian people seem to take time not only to talk to you or have a good laugh with you, but to help you in any way they can- for this, I am grateful!

Miss Diana Diakow from Poland: in Sragen – Indonesia
DianaI’ve visited on my own and with school community wonderful places around Java. Travelling makes me happy, so I was always very curious about new surroundings. Since I got out from the airplane in Jakarta, I’ve had impression that my project in Sragen would be unforgettable experience and I was right because indeed I will never forget those people who I met. I hope I will come back soon to explore hidden corners of Indonesia that I haven’t managed to visit. Java is a stunning island. people, local traditions and culture make this place very colorful and unique.

Mr. Faisal Mansur from Indonesia: in Thailand
Sawadi kab..Thank you for Cipta Bangsa Foundation, for give me the chance to join your IMG_0328exchange project in Thailand. I was honor to be chosen as a part of the team to teach children in Islamic School Jaariayatam, Chalung District at Satun province of Thailand. This experience has opened a new perspective in me. For so long I have put myself in the top priority and somehow neglecting others. By joining your exchange project I discover that I could accomplish many things by helping others. Now I realize that the more I give, the more I get from the society. Your project really enriches me and changes me into a better person. Two thumb Cipta Bangsa.

Miss Suyeon Jo from Republic of Korea:  in Semarang – Indonesia
SueAnnyeonghaseyo! Hello, my dearest Indonesian friends! I must say that the days teaching Korean in Semarang was definitely one of the most unforgettable moments in my life and I really appreciate what you have done for me. Personally, I was really impressed by the students who showed strong enthusiasm about Korean language and culture and got really touched by your kindness and warmness with the presents the food and Batik costume and everything you guys shared with me.

Off the top of my head, the most enjoyable moment was cooking Korean food (Gimbab and tteogbokk-i) with students as well as local teachers and had a lovely chat together spoken ALL mixed different language such as in Korean, English and some Indonesian. That was such a fun time. It was wonderful opportunity in that not only I could introduce Korean culture and teach Korean language for the Indonesian students, but also I learned a lot of beautiful Indonesian culture and language from students. It was literally perfect intercultural exchange experience for me! If possible, I would love to visit Semarang again and have a reunion with everyone. Miss you all! Take care! Trimakasi!

Miss Satiul Khomariah  from Indonesia: in Thailand
Praising is the most fitting word to describe the impression that I Satiexperienced due to the blessing and mercy of God; I can follow the activities Internship and Cultural Exchange of Thailand that has held by Cipta Bangsa Foundation in Thailand. In addition, I am very grateful that got a lot of relationships, friends, knowledge and precious experience, especially when I have to be synergized with Thai society –which many people probably don’t get it yet. One thing that I will never forget about it that this activity has led me to the gate of ‘character former’ so I can see everything with gratitude –to see the world with different eyeglasses. Let me bold it, seeing uses ‘different eyeglasses’.

Azza Anisha Chumaeroh: took part in YES Japan 2015
One of my best experience is visited Tree Cherry country called Japan. I took Azzapart in YES Japan program 21 – 30 Oct 2015 together with other 10 friends of mine from my school. It was very wonderful, Japan is very advanced country, the people are very discipline, having high awareness of hygiene and very on-time. So many things I learned for 10 days in Japan. With this experience I can learn new things from another country and this is very useful for students and school.