ICE [Inter-Culture Exchange] Sragen, Indonesia

Here is the story of our volunteer dianafrom Poland, Ms. Diana Diakow. She just completed the project in Sragen Regency for education and culture project.

My name is Diana Diaków and I come from Poland. Well, my adventure with Indonesia began in the beginning of July 2015. I was quite lucky to have an opportunity to participate in Ramadan, Idul Fitri and Halal Bi Halal. It was very rewarding experience. During this time, I was exploring the cultural differences which were always very interesting for me. The ways of eating, working, spending leisure time were often surprisingly new. Each days was bringing me new flavors, tastes, smells and sounds. In terms of sensations, these two months were very intensive for me.

I was working in two schools: SMK 1 Muhammadiyah Sragen and SMK 2 Muhammadiyah Sragen. It was a challenge for me. Because I’ve never taught in muslim school before. I wanted to encourage my students to explore English and Polish culture. We had enjoyable time together. As the result, students were performing the national dances: Polonez, Krakowiak, the folk song “Płynie Wisła, płynie” and two dramas: “Cinderella” and “Snow White”. We were painting, drawing, designing, laughing and creating our common interpretation of Poland by boosting communication skills in English.