English and Culture: High School

My time well spent in Indonesia

Maibell Neemsalu

In the beginning of 2016 [Feb – June] I spent almost 4 months in Central Jawa, Sragen, Gemolong teaching English as a volunteer in a junior high school. As I had very little information about Indonesia before the project I did not know what to expect from this exotic country nor had I ever taught a class before- therefor I was open to everything that may come.  I honestly can say that i did not expect to gain as much positive experience as I did in reality!

Another thing that I am thankful for experiencing is the crown jewel of Indonesia- it’s nature! The mountains, beaches with white sand and turquoise sea and the wild forests and great rice fields. The images in my memory of the paradise islands like the Gilis and Lombok will surely haunt me for the rest of my life, making sure that I will long for this hot and sunny country.

For someone who had never taught a class in her life, it took me some time to get a hang of it- fortunately the students I had a chance to work with made my job rather easy- eager to learn and very active in participating in different activities, though a bit shy at first to speak English.

More than ever  i am now convinced that even if the way people live can be so different in so many ways between two parts of the world, the life itself is the same no matter where you go and there is always something that connects one person to another. Our similarities give us a chance to connect and the differences allow us to learn and to teach at the same time.

Terima kasih

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