Rainbow Camp: Making Mural & Gardening 2018

When the last tree is cut
When the last river is polluted
Only then people realize they can’t eat money

Taman Beringin Elok is situated in west part of Semarang, the capital city of Central Java – Indonesia. It lies at 10 KMs away from Semarang International Airport, Achmad Yani. This project will be working with local community for renovating garden and mural painting. There are about 50 houses consist of 85 family members altogether living in this area.

Children ages from 2 – 10 years old very often spend their time in the playground during afternoon break. We have the one and only swing which was built by local people two years ago and used by 15 – 20 children in the same time. Along the sidewalk in this area, there is an empty space wall sized 1.5 x 30 m which paint is already old enough. Local chief plans to create a mural painting in the empty space wall and renovate the garden to beautify the environment. In the afternoon, it would be very useful and wonderful to spend our time with local kids by playing traditional games or experiencing local cultures.

a) Community service
b) Renovation
c) Experience living in Indonesian host family
d) Cultural exchanges

Project date       : 13 – 19 Oct 2018
Project place      : Semarang Indonesia, Indonesia
Participant          : 15 People

-Mural painting & Garden Renovation.
Participant will create a mural painting in the empty space wall with specific theme. We will also help local community to renovate their garden planting some threes.

-Culture Immersion
During the program intern will have a chance to experience local culture such as music and arts. Living in Indonesian family will enrich your understanding about Indonesian culture and customs.

-Cultural site visit
During the weekend and free time you will have a chance for visiting some interesting places around the village such as local markets, temple and Jogjakarta Special Region


  1. Committed to pay participation fee
  2. Must be 18 – 27 years of age by the application deadline
  3. Foreigners only
  4. Good health (mentally and physically)
  5. Open minded

Send your application to: ciptabangsafoundation@gmail.com

 Application MUST be received no later than 30 AGT 2018 at 17.00 [Jakarta time]

Organizer will only grant a certificate of completion for participants who completed the project from the beginning till the end of the program

During the program all participants will be accommodated in local Indonesian family. Participant will be provided with his/her own bedroom.  Meals will be provided 3 times a day based on local cuisines.

Special request for VEGETARIAN / DIETARY food will be accommodated by early agreement between participants and organizer. 

In order to help local people preparing and conducting this project, each participant is required to contribute amount 200 EURO

This costs WILL COVER:
– Pick up service in the meeting point, – Prepare tools and materials for painting, – Prepare tools and materials for gardening,- Board and lodging in local host family, – Meals 3x per day: breakfast, lunch and dinner,- Local transportation on schedule

This fee does NOT COVER:
– Travel insurance, – Flight from and to meeting point, – Airport drop off in the end of the program, – Personal medication and expenses