English and Intercultural Program 2018

English is our first foreign language taught in school and university in Indonesia. Indonesian students starts to learn English from primary school level. Even, in some big cities in Indonesia kids are learning English since Playgroup level. However, these circumstances doesn’t guarantee Indonesian kids, youths or students able to understand English for spoken or written very well. We do realize that there is missing puzzle in English learning process for them which is practicing. They have very limited chance and resources to enhance their skills of practicing. Therefore, many of them are passive leaners. Some are good in writing skill only, some are good in speaking skill only. Only few of them are good for both writing and speaking skill.

Hosting an Intern for assisting English program would be great method to help them improve their English skill. Foreigners from all over the world will give amazing role model for using their English skill in term of speaking and writing. Not to mention, some cultural programs are also could be implemented during the program such as music and art. By hosting foreign Intern students will also broaden their knowledge and ideas about international friendship and solidarity.

a) Language exchange
b)      Cultural exchange
c)       Experience living in Indonesian host family
d)      English program for local students

Project date    : Agt – Nov 2018 [Min for 2 months]
Project place  : Central Java, Indonesia
Local partner : SMP – SMA Nasima Semarang
Participant     : 2 only

-English Program
Intern will be assisting local teachers or local lecturers in conducting English Program. Program will be implemented from Monday – Friday.

-Culture Immersion
During the program intern will have a chance to experience local culture such as music and arts. Living in Indonesian family will enrich your understanding about Indonesian culture and customs.

-Cultural site visit
During the weekend and free time you will have a chance for visiting some interesting places around the village such as local markets, temple and Jogjakarta Special Region

Send your application to: ciptabangsafoundation@gmail.com

 Application MUST be received no later than 15th Agt 2018 at 17.00 [Jakarta time]

Organizer will only grant a certificate of completion for participants who completed the project from the beginning till the end of the program

Pocket money will be provided for Intern amount 500.000 IDR every month. Pocket money will be delivered in the end of the month.

In order to provide good quality program placement & standard all participants are required to contribute amount of 100 Euro per month.

This costs WILL COVER:
– Board and lodging in local host family, Meals 3x per day: breakfast, lunch and dinner, Local transportation on schedule.

This fee does NOT COVER:
– Travel insurance, Flight from and to meeting point, Airport drop off in the end of the program, Personal medication and expenses


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