logo yayasan cipta bangsaYayasan Cipta Bangsa [Cipta Bangsa Foundation] is an NGO working on education and adult path. Our Foundation was officially registered in Ministry of Law and Human Right Republic of Indonesia. Our Foundation organizes several programs both national and international level. In Indonesia we organize formal and non-formal education. Besides, we also organizes inter-culture program called YES [Youth Exchange Service] and ICE [Inter-Culture Exchange] Program. Those program are designed for youth for all nationalities.

Take an active role as world leading foundation in Indonesia which support government and public effort in the field of education and culture through youth program exchanges.

1. Promoting the unique culture of Indonesia
2. Promoting world peace through international exchange programs
3. Supporting global development program for youths with formal and non-formal education activities

1. Having international networking and partnership
2. Learning local language and culture
3. Experiencing real life of local community
4. Making new friends all over the world
5. Enhancing our leadership and personal capability
6. Enjoy traveling around the world