Singapore Pre- Departure Training [SMA N 4 Magelang]

On Monday, 18th February 2019, pre- departure training was held in SMA N 4 Magelang. The delegates came along with their parents to follow the training. The training was begun at 10 a.m. and opened by Mr. Sukardi, the teacher of SMA N 4 Magelang.

There were eighteen students accompanied by their parents, the principal of SMA N 4 Magelang, and three teachers who are going to accompany their students to Singapore, following the training. Mr. Eko Wahyudi, the director of Cipta Bangsa Foundation, leading the training and presenting the important things which should be prepared before D- day.

This pre- departure training was held to give the delegates, parents, and teachers explanation about what should be prepared to leave for Singapore. This training also explained about the things which should be remembered in some cases, such as, when checking in before departure, landing, queuing in immigration, arriving and spending days in Singapore.

The participants from SMA N 4 Magelang accompanied by three teachers and a project leader will start their Student Immersion Program in Singapore on Monday 25th February 2019. They’re going to take off on Monday morning from Adi Sutjipto International Airport Yogyakarta.

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Student Immersion Program by Cipta Bangsa Foundation proudly came back in early 2019. This year, the opening program destination is Singapore. The participants are the students of SMA N 5 Semarang. The program was conducted for four days three nights in Singapore.

The exchange students accompanied by a teacher, school’s principal, and the project leader landed at Changi International Airport Singapore on Sunday evening 20th January and directly visited Garden By the Bay to watch Laser Show Marina Bay Sands. After the show finished, they went to the hotel.

On the next day, they went to Universal Studio Singapore and Sentosa Island. On the third day in Singapore, they visited Victoria Junior College (VJC) and Singapore University of Technology and Design. In VJC, there were various activities conducted. Firstly, the activity was opened by introduction and friendship. Then, being continued by project presentation from students of VJC. After that, the students of SMA N 5 Semarang joined class activities. There were three classes as follow:

  1. Scientist class : Robotic
  2. Cultural class : Indian hand painting, chinese calligraphy, tea ceremony
  3. Interpreunership class : Pin making.

While in Singapore University of Technology and Design, the activity opened by introduction. Then, the university as the host of the visitation activity presented their programs.

On the last day in Singapore, all participants went to Bugis Street and Mustofa Center to buy souvenirs. Finally, the students of SMA N 5 Semarang, teacher, principal, and project leader gladly landed at Ahmad Yani International Airport on Wednesday evening 23rd January 2019.

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Student Immersion Korea 2018 batch XI has been finished well on October last year. Being organized by Cipta Bangsa Foundation, students of NASIMA Junior and Senior High School Semarang gladly spent their days in South Korea. On Tuesday, 23rd October 2018, the eighteen students accompanied by the principal of NASIMA Junior High School and the project leader landed safely in South Korea.

The schedule was begun in Sundol Alternative School (SAS) Korea. The exchange students spent four days in that school. They joined the school’s activities as they were the students of the school. There were various activities at Sundol in which the students of NASIMA participated, like morning english class, cooking class, music instrument learning, agriculture, sport (yoga, football, table tennis, billiard), and cultural performance.

On the fifth day of the trip, they went to Seoul to have a city tour. They went to Nami Island, Hanok Village, Itaewon (to visit the first biggest mosque in South Korea), and Gyeongbok Palace. On the next day, they had a shopping time in Seoul shopping centre. After spending a week in South Korea, they leave for Indonesia on Monday evening 29th October 2018.

For more stories of Student Immersion batch XI South Korea Program, kindly click the link below:

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YES Singapore VI: 28-31 January 2018

Cipta Bangsa Foundation and SMA N 6 Semarang were successfully conducted Youth Exchange Service Singapore VI. This program visited Sekolah Indonesia Singapura [SIS] and Mages Institutes.

SMA N 6 Semarang brought together 4 teachers and 30 students during this program in Singapore. During this program students and teachers were enthusiastically participated all agenda and activities such as comparative study in term of school management.

Peer to peer program for students was also conducted for certain period so that they have real experience living and studying in Singapore. On the other hand Indonesian students introduced studying culture in Indonesia school such as subjects and extracurricular program.

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YES Singapore V: 7 – 10 January 2018

Youth Exchange Service [YES] V was conducted on 7 – 10 January 2018 in Singapore. This program brought 35 students and teachers from SMA N 4 Magelang. Some educational activities were successfully completed.

We visited Victoria Junior College which is located in 20 Marine Vista, Singapore. we started our program by exchanging and sharing information from each school. School introduction about subjects, school curriculum, and students program were clearly mentioned during the presentation. We continued the program by doing school tour  such as library, classroom and laboratory. During this school tour we have an experimental project by practicing robotic class. This program ended with cultural performance from both school.

Next day, we have a chance to visit one of famous university in Singapore, Nanyang Technological University. Represented by Mr Ja’af acting as Asst. Manager, Office of Admissions & Financial Aid Student and Academic Services Department. We had very useful and meaningful information about admission process and also scholarship program in NTU.

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Get Ready for YES Korea Batch III

YES Korea Batch III is about to start. This program will be conducted on September 10 – 17, 2017. There will be 15 students, Vice principal and project leader coming to South Korea. We will have educational program and intercultural exchange in Sundol Alternative School located in Namyangju-shi, South Korea.

During this month, we are preparing Korean course for all delegates who are going to participate in YES Korea. We provide them everyday Korean lesson from very basic level which are reading and writing Korean character “Hangeul”. This is the name-list for all delegates in YES Korea Batch III.

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Internship Program in Thailand

Winda Rahmawati is student from Muhamadiyah University of Jogjakarta majoring in English Education. She was participating in Internship program in Thailand working together with Dalaa from 1 – 30 May 2017. She helped local NGO organizing several activities for children in Satun Province, South Thailand.

She conducted English camp for local children during school vacation together with others volunteers from Europe. Besides, she also working together with local community in environmental program such as planting mangrove in the sea shore. She hoped that this program will enrich her global understanding about teaching and also learning local wisdom and culture.

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