Congratulation, the Selected Participants of Youth Exchange Service [YES] Korea batch III!

YES Korea batch III opened registration for a month on March this year. On early April, there was an interview to select the candidates who meet the requirements. Among the registrants, there are ten persons who are selected to join the program, as follow:

  1. Adityo Yusuf Bowoleksono [Universitas Negeri Semarang]
  2. Anisa Permatasari [Universitas Gajah Mada]
  3. Catherine Claudia Gunawan [Universitas Gajah Mada]
  4. Fatma [Universitas Sebelas Maret]
  5. Gita Harum Reformasi Hartono Putri [Universitas Gajah Mada]
  6. Herlina [Universitas Gajah Mada]
  7. Meidiani Rahmayanti [Universitas Gajah Mada]
  8. Titisari Agnestya Sulistiyani [Universitas Gajah Mada]
  9. Yekti Indriyani [Universitas Sebelas Maret]
  10. Yussika Anjarwati [Universitas Gajah Mada]

The program will be held for two months. It is started on early July 2019 and finished on late August 2019. This time, Cipta Bangsa Foundation has collaboration with World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) Korea and Korea Demilitarized- zone Peace-Life Valley (KDPV).

Congratulation to the selected participants! Good luck always!

To those who don’t be selected yet, you still have many chances to try again! Keep motivated!

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Student Camp Singapore 2019 Selection [Nasima Elementary School]

On Wednesday, 10th April 2019, Cipta Bangsa Foundation held an interview to select students who are going to join Student Camp Singapore 2019 on October. There were fifty five students who joined the interview. The participants were fourth and fifth graders of the school. The interview intended to know their ability in English and their personality whether or not they will be able to take care of themselves in Singapore without their parents. The interview started at around 9 a.m and finished at around 2 p.m. There were three interviewers from Cipta Bangsa Foundation, they were Mr. Eko Wahyudi, Ms. Winda Rahmawati, and Ms. Intan Permata. The interview was done in English and held in principal office of Nasima Elementary School. Most of participants got high scores in both English ability and personality.

Student Camp itself is one of the International Programs which is organized by Cipta Bangsa Foundation. The program aimed to give the students more knowledge especially about the destination country, learning experience in school of foreign country, opportunity to practice their foreign language ability, make them more independent and responsible to themselves, also increase their self -confidence and bravery to communicate globally.

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Student Immersion Batch XIV Singapore [SMAN 11 Semarang]

The Student Immersion Programme to Singapore batch XIV which was organized by Cipta Bangsa Foundation (CBF) has done well on Wednesday 27th of March 2019 at the afternoon.

There were thirteen students accompanied by one teacher from the school and one project leader from CBF in the team. They took off on Sunday 24th of March 2019 at around 4 p.m of Indonesia time and arrived in Changi Airport at around 7 p.m. of Singapore time. On the following day, they had schedule in Singapore Management University (SMU), Merlion Park, Gardens by the Bay, Orchard Road, and Bugis Street. At the SMU, the team was gratefully welcomed by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Assistance. The host presented the details about the university. They delivered the programmes, tuition fee, scholarship, campus- living, etc. SMU is a university which focuses on management and business. Before having activity in SMU, the team visit the landmarks of Singapore, Merlion Park and Gardens by the Bay. They also went to sight seeing in Orchard Road.

On the third day in Singapore, the visited Mages Institute of Excellence (MIE), Universal Studio, Siloso Beach, and Vivo City. The activity was begun in Mages. There, the team was warmly welcomed by the Head of Business Development. They also presented the details of the institute. Mages Institute of Excellence focuses on creative technology industry. They notified that their students had succesfully produced some popular games. There were some students of SMAN 11 Semarang who might try using Virtual Reality (VR) which was made by the students of Mages. After visiting MIE, the team continued their trip to Sentosa Island. They went to Universal Studio, Siloso Beach, and had dinner in Vivo city.

On the fourth day, they went to Mustafa Center to buy souvenirs and got ready to leave for Indonesia. They landed on Thursday at 4 p.m of Indonesia time in Ahmad Yani International Airport Semarang.

The Student Immersion Programme intends to give the students knowledge about majors, universities, and choices for them to choose their next education. Also to give them experiences in global communication.

For more stories of Student Immersion batch XIV Singapore Program, kindly click the link below:

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Singapore Pre- Departure Training [SMAN 11 Semarang]

SMAN 11 Semarang

Cipta Bangsa Foundation (CBF) held a pre- departure training in SMAN 11 Semarang on Monday 11th March at 1 p.m. The training was held to give the information for the students technically about the programme of Student Immersion in Singapore. Also, the things which should be prepared and noted before leaving for Singapore.

Thirteen participants from SMAN 11 Semarang are going to be accompanied by one teacher from the school and one project leader from CBF. They are going to visit two universities in Singapore. The first visit will be in Singapore Management University and on the third day, they’ll have the second visitation in Mages Institute of Excellence. They’re also going to have a city tour in Merlion Park, Garden By the Bay, Universal Studio Singapore, Orchard Road, Vivo city, Sentosa Island, and Bugis Street.

The programme will be started on Sunday afternoon. They’re going to take off on Sunday 24th March from Ahmad Yani International Airport Semarang for four days three nights Student Immersion Programme.

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YES Korea 2019 batch II; DMZ Project [Update Story]

Visiting Seed Festival in Seoul (near Seoul National University Hospital)

The participants of YES Korea 2019 batch II have already been in South Korea today. Cipta Bangsa Foundation has arranged the schedule for them along with the host in Korea, KDPV.

The participants left for Korea on 5th March, Tuesday morning and arrived in Incheon International Airport at around 2 p.m. They’re going to have a project in DMZ for about three months. DMZ itself stands for Demilitarized Zone. The complete name is KDPV, which means Korea DMZ Peace-Life Valley, but it’s usually shortened by DMZ.

It is a research and training center, established in 2008 by many prominent peace and ecology activists with the support of the Korean government. The goals of KDPV are to create a ‘desirable development model’ that conserves the ecology, history and culture of the DMZ region while empowering the quality of life of its habitants.

KDPV provides education and training programmes for residents in the DMZ area, military officers, corporate officials and employees, teachers, primary and secondary school students, and university students. The programme ranges from field-visits, manual work, immersion experiences to thematic introductory courses, leadership training, and global peace education. Henceforth, the participants from Universitas Gajah Mada will be a part of the programmes run by KDPV. They will help the local officer to take care of the programmes.

The participants are supposed to leave for home country, Indonesia on May 2019. Good luck and stay healthy, guys!

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On 25th February 2019, Monday morning, Cipta Bangsa Foundation (CBF) sent twenty two participants to Singapore, eighteen students and three teachers of SMAN 4 Magelang, also one project leader from CBF. They took off from Adi Sutjipto International Airport Yogyakarta, Indonesia on Monday at 7 a.m and landed at around 10 a.m in Changi International Airport Singapore. They had an educational visitation and city tour for four days three nights in Singapore.

On the first day, they had a trip to Universal Studio Singapore, Sentosa Island, Vivoo City, and Mustofa Center. On the next day, they firstly headed for Victoria Junior College (VJC). There, the students and teacher of VJC presented school’s programs. They also created a group discussion consisted of four students of SMAN 4 Magelang and four students of VJC. They shared and discussed anything until around 12 p.m.

After having lunch, they went to Singapore Management University (SMU). The host of SMU delivered about GAYA- Gelar Budaya (Culture Festival) program in SMU. The program produced and performed by both Indonesian and non- Indonesian from SMU and other institutions. At around 4 p.m, the participants headed for Bugis street to have dinner.

On the third day, the participants visited Singapore Institute of Management University (SIM). The spoke-person introduced SIM Global Education in United States of America, United Kingdom, and Australia to the participants from Indonesia. He also explained the majors, faculties, fees, and living cost. At the end of the visitation, the participants were allowed to walk around the campus. After finishing the activity at SIM, the participants had a trip to Merlion Park, Garden By the Bay, and Orchard Road.

On the next day, they headed for Changi International Airport Singapore to leave for home country, Indonesia after having breakfast. Thus, the Student Immersion Program to Singapore ft SMAN 4 Magelang gladly finished on Thursday 28th Feb 2019.

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South Korea Pre Departure Training [YES Korea Batch II]

On Saturday 23rd February 2019, Cipta Bangsa Foundation (CBF) held a pre departure training for students of Universitas Gajah Mada before they fly to South Korea. The training was held in CBF Office in Semarang.

Out of three students, only two came to follow the training. One student couldn’t join because she was being hospitalized. Mr. Eko Wahyudi, the director of CBF explained the important things should be prepared before leaving for South Korea. He also gave the participants a picture of what they’re going to do there in South Korea.

The participants are going to have a project in Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) Korea. They’re going to stay there for about three months. There, they will help the officer of DMZ taking care of training and administration. Also, they will visit schools around DMZ to teach the local students and communicate with locals who live near DMZ Centre. The participants, named Ayu Martha, Elfira Rosa, and Hening Larashati are the students of Universitas Gajah Mada majoring Korean Language.

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