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This is Indonesia

Indonesia… It was difficult to imagine what the real Indonesia is. As every volunteer I had some anxiety before the program. But after first day in this country I understand that there is no need to worry. The program was designed to trifles. Mr. Eko gave me detailed instructions about every aspect and was open for questions. I have received all the necessary instructions and was delivered to the project site.

 Wherever I had people met me with a smile and kindness. In UNSIQ, charming University in Wonosobo, I felt myself very comfortable. The lectors, teaching staff and students received me very well. They were for me like family and real friends. During two months, we had productive and fun conversations in English and pleasant meeting. We communicated not only in class, but also during the breaks and in our free time. It was a real pleasure to spent time with so kind, friendly and cheerful people. I discovered a whole world of Indonesian culture and lifestyle. And from my side I also gave them a lot of information about Russia, some foreign countries, my experience, volunteering and other interesting vital knowledge. I was trying to motivate and inspire students, because they are very talented and smart, with great potential. Level of English on this Faculty is good, and I didn’t have problems with understanding.

Life in Indonesian family was also incredible experience. I was part of amazing and friendly family. We spent a lot of time together. I was provided comfortable accommodation and delicious food. We visited together their relatives in another villages and places, danced, sang, watched TV, talked about everything, played with children…Thanks to them I learned real Indonesian life from within.

After the program in Wonosobo I started the short project in Semarang. It was pre-school for little children. During one week I was an English teacher for them. We were trying to learn English with fun, and played, sang and danced together. But it wasn’t easy, because teaching staff and children can’t speak and can’t understand English. Fortunately, we have found ways of communication and this short program was reach and interesting. I also lived in hospitable family and have learned more about Indonesian culture.

After Semarang I went to Purwokerto. It was short and very eventful program. I was more the motivator then teacher there. I visited schools in different villages around Purwokerto, had some lessons and meetings with students, children and other people. I lived in dormitory with girls from boarding school in Singasari village. We spent a wonderful time together in spite the fact that most of them can’t speak and can’t understand English.

In general, in Indonesia I feel more than comfortable. People around me were always kind, friendly, honest, ready to help. I was delighted their cheerfulness and Indonesian culture in the whole. I had enough free time, and on the weekends I had chance to visit interesting touristic places, mountains, beaches, another towns and villages. I have tried a lot of delicious and unique food, which in every place has special form and taste. Now I can say that I really love Indonesia and I was happy to help the University’s and school’s students in practicing English. I hope that after my lessons and meetings, they will be more motivated to obtain a good education. I’m very thankful AEC Semarang for the possibility to be volunteer here and for their help in every aspect of my program.

If you are in doubt about whether to be a volunteer in Indonesia or not… Don’t doubt! Volunteering in Indonesia is the incredible adventure and unforgettable experience.

Anastasiia Sukhanova, Russia

Welcome to Semarang Miss Maibell Nemsalu!!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur English & Culture project is about to start. Our beloved Intern from Estonia, Maibell Nemsalu just arrived in Semarang last night. She will have project in Sragen, Central Java on 1 Mach – 10 June 2016. Her project will be in one of popular secondary school in Sragen Regency, SMP N 1 Gemolong.

During her stay she will be assisting local English teacher in conducting English and cultural program. Her experience of living in USA for 4 months would be very valuable experience during this English program. Through this program she will also have a chance for learning Indonesian culture and tradition by living together in Indonesian host family. On the other hand, local students will learn many things from her by having English program in and out of the classroom. We wish you best luck and enjoy your program!!!