Student Camp Singapore 2019 Selection [Nasima Elementary School]

On Wednesday, 10th April 2019, Cipta Bangsa Foundation held an interview to select students who are going to join Student Camp Singapore 2019 on October. There were fifty five students who joined the interview. The participants were fourth and fifth graders of the school. The interview intended to know their ability in English and their personality whether or not they will be able to take care of themselves in Singapore without their parents. The interview started at around 9 a.m and finished at around 2 p.m. There were three interviewers from Cipta Bangsa Foundation, they were Mr. Eko Wahyudi, Ms. Winda Rahmawati, and Ms. Intan Permata. The interview was done in English and held in principal office of Nasima Elementary School. Most of participants got high scores in both English ability and personality.

Student Camp itself is one of the International Programs which is organized by Cipta Bangsa Foundation. The program aimed to give the students more knowledge especially about the destination country, learning experience in school of foreign country, opportunity to practice their foreign language ability, make them more independent and responsible to themselves, also increase their self -confidence and bravery to communicate globally.

About ciptabangsafoundation

Yayasan Cipta Bangsa (Cipta Bangsa Foundation) is an NGO working on education and adult path. Our Foundation was officially registered in Ministry of Law and Human Right Republic of Indonesia. Our Foundation organizes several programs both national and international level. In Indonesia we organize formal and non-formal education. Besides that we also organizes voluntary project for short term, midterm and long term period for high school students and university students. In international level we initiate to work with overseas partners in conducting our voluntary program including EVS program.
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