On 25th February 2019, Monday morning, Cipta Bangsa Foundation (CBF) sent twenty two participants to Singapore, eighteen students and three teachers of SMAN 4 Magelang, also one project leader from CBF. They took off from Adi Sutjipto International Airport Yogyakarta, Indonesia on Monday at 7 a.m and landed at around 10 a.m in Changi International Airport Singapore. They had an educational visitation and city tour for four days three nights in Singapore.

On the first day, they had a trip to Universal Studio Singapore, Sentosa Island, Vivoo City, and Mustofa Center. On the next day, they firstly headed for Victoria Junior College (VJC). There, the students and teacher of VJC presented school’s programs. They also created a group discussion consisted of four students of SMAN 4 Magelang and four students of VJC. They shared and discussed anything until around 12 p.m.

After having lunch, they went to Singapore Management University (SMU). The host of SMU delivered about GAYA- Gelar Budaya (Culture Festival) program in SMU. The program produced and performed by both Indonesian and non- Indonesian from SMU and other institutions. At around 4 p.m, the participants headed for Bugis street to have dinner.

On the third day, the participants visited Singapore Institute of Management University (SIM). The spoke-person introduced SIM Global Education in United States of America, United Kingdom, and Australia to the participants from Indonesia. He also explained the majors, faculties, fees, and living cost. At the end of the visitation, the participants were allowed to walk around the campus. After finishing the activity at SIM, the participants had a trip to Merlion Park, Garden By the Bay, and Orchard Road.

On the next day, they headed for Changi International Airport Singapore to leave for home country, Indonesia after having breakfast. Thus, the Student Immersion Program to Singapore ft SMAN 4 Magelang gladly finished on Thursday 28th Feb 2019.

About ciptabangsafoundation

Yayasan Cipta Bangsa (Cipta Bangsa Foundation) is an NGO working on education and adult path. Our Foundation was officially registered in Ministry of Law and Human Right Republic of Indonesia. Our Foundation organizes several programs both national and international level. In Indonesia we organize formal and non-formal education. Besides that we also organizes voluntary project for short term, midterm and long term period for high school students and university students. In international level we initiate to work with overseas partners in conducting our voluntary program including EVS program.
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